One of the most important responsibilities of an appraiser evaluating Raw Land is that of determining what the property can be used for. In appraisal jargon, we call this process determining the Highest and Best Use of the property. While there are many considerations that an appraiser must make in evaluating Raw Land, in the final analysis, what a property can be used for is the most important factor in determining its monetary value. Some would say that it is the only factor, since all of the other factors come together to determine the best use of the property. Qualified Appraisers making Highest and Best Use decisions or rendering Highest and Best Use opinions, depend upon many years of experience to lead them to the proper conclusion. Those without this experience may have difficulty in coming to the proper conclusion.

ELLIOTT® & Company Appraisers offers Raw Land appraisal services nationwide. We have a network of qualified appraisers in each state to render this service.


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