More and more of the elderly are residing in Assisted Living facilities. The baby boomers are just beginning to retire and promise to offer a steady flow of business for Assisted Living Facilities. A number of large corporate entities now have Assisted Living facilities throughout the country, along with many smaller entities including a few independent single location players. This was not the case only a decade or two ago. Efficient Assisted Living facilities, like many other healthcare properties, are well designed for the type of traffic and services offered by the facility. These facilities command a higher price when sold. Therefore, when an appraiser evaluates an Assisted Living property, he or she must understand the qualities of such a property which may add to or take away from value. At ELLIOTT® we understand this, and our appraisers understand.

Our company is available to provide Assisted Living appraisal services in any county of any state within the United States. We understand Assisted Living and the properties which support it.


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