Most Bed & Breakfasts are the product of a large converted single family residence. The image and décor of these properties is often built around local themes or history. While some will have more bedrooms, most have between three and six rentable sleeping rooms. Most bedrooms will have a private bath; however, some will have shared baths. Breakfast is typically light, but some more high profile properties offer a compliment of an evening wine tasting and a full three or four course breakfast. The level of service, location, age and condition of the property, as well as the profitability of the facility, go together in determining its value.

Most functioning Bed and Breakfasts are appraised as Going Concerns. Going Concern Value includes the value of land, buildings and all personal property to include goodwill.

Our company appraises Bed & Breakfasts nationwide. We further have the ability to pinpoint those attributes of a B & B Property that affect its value.


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