Convenience stores, or “C” stores as they are known most places, have developed mostly over the past 50 years, spawning from a sort of merger of mom and pop grocery stores and full service gas stations. As the business has become more competitive, we have found many C stores are owned by large fuel distributors, squeezing out most mom and pop operators as well as garage operators. The convenience store of today is much more architecturally appealing, brighter and lighter than the stores of the past. Many do much larger volumes of business and some contain fast food restaurants within them. This can make for a complex appraisal problem in some cases.

We at ELLIOTT® have lots of experience in appraising convenience stores and offer service everywhere in the United States. Our coverage includes rural areas, which can provide a challenge within itself. We have no problem addressing issues such as restaurants, car washes, gas pumping stations, etc., located within one convenience store. We can also handle multiple store assignments as well as truck stops.

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