Timber is one of the most important renewable resources in the United States. We are fortunate to have millions of acres of timberland growing a huge variety of different trees and offering many different types of woods used for a variety of productive purposes. The pulp paper and furniture industries are two of our major purchasers of logs, lumber and chips.

A working understanding of the different types of and uses for timber is not something that all real estate professionals possess. Our staff of professional appraisers, surveyors and cruisers has a working knowledge of all of the conditions affecting the evaluation of timber land and standing timber on the stump.  ELLIOTT® has the ability to bring together the right professionals to perform the task of evaluating tracts of timber, large or small. Our professionals have the ability to give proper consideration to all conditions which affect timberland value including current land values, timber market prices, the area of land encompassing the tract of timber, the age and density of the timber, tree type, cost to harvest and the distance to saw mills as well.

Our timberland evaluations are used for a variety of purposes including loan collateral evaluation, litigation support, portfolio evaluation, as well as buyer and seller due diligence.  


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