The appraisal of a Golf Course without other amenities typically found in a Private Club often means that the club is a for profit business. This is usually, but not always the case, and can affect the value of the property. An operating Golf Course is usually appraised as a Going Concern. Going Concern values include the value of the land, buildings, site improvements, equipment, and goodwill. Golf courses can be appraised in Fee Simple, which would not include any personal property. The purpose of the appraisal usually dictates which value is to be sought in the appraisal. New and un-established Golf Course Properties present appraisal challenges due to the lack of a track record.

Our company is familiar with the challenges confronting appraisers when appraising Golf Course properties. We have experience appraising various types of Golf Courses and are available to appraise them anywhere in the United States.


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