The Healthcare Industry has been, and continues to be, one of the fastest growing industries in the United States. Consequently, we have experienced the construction of a record number of Healthcare facilities ranging from the local “Doc in a Box” or Emergency Care Units, to that of very large Regional Medical Centers. Rents for medical offices, laboratories, and related facilities tend to be higher than for most other business purposes dictating higher values for Medical Facilities. These facilities are often high profile properties located on prime commercial land. This is especially true of Emergency Care Units and highly specialized Doctors’ Offices. Given the progressive nature of the Healthcare Industry and it’s tendency to locate facilities on prime property, the evaluation of Healthcare facilities can be a challenge to the appraiser inexperienced in this field. ELLIOTT® and its professional staff experienced in Healthcare facilities is equipped to value any medical facility no matter how large or small, anywhere in the United States. The following pages list a few of the more typical Healthcare properties which we are prepared to appraise.

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