The Hospitality industry is closely tied to, if not a subset, of the real estate industry. The travel, leisure, recreational, food service, lodging and entertainment businesses in many cases are hard to separate, especially in large multi-faceted complexes such as resorts or conference centers. As in most other industries, there has been significant change in the Hospitality industry in recent years. Issues such as the cost of travel and general economic conditions play a big part in the evaluation of Hospitality properties. Other issues more within control of the owner of such properties and which may affect value include competent management and property condition. The Hospitality industry, in most instances, is more of a business than just real property. Properties which are not under competent and professional management will demonstrate lower Market Values than those which are. Many if not most Hospitality properties will be appraised as going concerns, and out of necessity, will include personal property and business goodwill. This is contrary to most real estate evaluations and can present a challenge to the less than experienced appraiser.

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