As cities get larger, Farms become fewer, and the hunting of game becomes more popular among city dwellers, Hunting Preserves have become increasingly prevalent.  The use of firearms for hunting, target practice and self-defense are increasingly popular. Many city dweller outdoorsmen are joining hunting and sportsman clubs, thereby creating more need for a place to hunt. Farmers have in many cases ceased to farm and choose to derive an alternative source of income from their land; therefore, more and more private land is leased to hunt clubs. This land may also have other uses such as second homes, fishing ponds and target ranges, while at the same time growing timber. Some hunting preserve land is close enough to the city to be a short term candidate for future development. These properties are sometimes referred to as hybrid properties given their mixed uses, in spite of the fact that they are predominantly leased as Hunting Preserves.

Such a mixture of possible uses can present challenges to the untrained and/or inexperienced real estate professional when evaluating a property. There are some, but few Hunting Preserves are thought of as only hunting land with no potential for alternative uses, at least down the road if not in the immediate future.

has the ability to sort through all of these use issues and present a creditable and professional evaluation of hunting preserve property. We stand ready to be of assistance anywhere in the United States.


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