Public Libraries, along with most everything in our society, have changed with the advent of the Internet.

Most Library Facilities still cater to the walk in customer who is looking to find a special book or to research a topic from reference books located there; however that is a small part of what the modern Library is about today. Libraries used to be run by Librarians. Today they are run by Media Specialists; an indication within itself that the function of the Library has changed. Today’s Library may be much smaller than the Library of two or three decades ago. Many, if not most, of today’s Library books and periodicals are stored and accessed electronically, meaning that the Library Building can be smaller and still serve the same if not a larger number of people. Today’s Library Facility, however, must be quipped to accommodate the vast array of high tech gadgets required to deliver this new high tech service. Storage may be on or off-site, people may access the data on site, from home or from the office. Libraries typically have rooms on sight to accommodate computer stations, replacing in some cases the large heavy wooden Library Tables of the past. These developments have changed the design, size and utility of Library Buildings. Professional Appraisers must be aware of the current utility and function requirements of Libraries in order to provide credible value conclusions in Library Appraisals.

We at ELLIOTT® understand Libraries and how they must be appraised. We offer such service in all locations in the United States.


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