Marina properties may vary widely in size, description, type and location. Some Marinas have only wet slips while others only have dry slips. Those located at the ocean will have different values than those on freshwater lakes. Some have buildings and others are merely docks with designated, in water slips. The depth of the water in a marina is a factor which can significantly affect value. Some Marinas are full service containing fuel docks, storage buildings, restaurants, bars, boat service and repair areas, and office space. The factors listed herein can have a material affect on the value of a Marina. Due to the many variables, an inexperienced Marina Appraiser will likely not have the skillset to properly develop a creditable appraisal report.

We at ELLIOTT® have lots of experience being around Marinas and appraising them. We understand the attributes of a Marina that effect value. Our firm is prepared to apprise Marinas anywhere in the United States and internationally in some locations.


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