The Medical Office of today may be a small and older one owned by your local Doc. More than likely, it is a larger and newer one owned by one of the large companies which deliver physician care. Recent healthcare regulations have favored large consortiums of physicians underlying the need for larger Medical Offices. Prime locations have also been the order of the day for the newer and larger Medical Office buildings. These newer office buildings are designed specifically for the purpose of efficiently serving a large volume of patents. The newer and more modern Medical Office building is typically more valuable than its older predecessor, not only because of its age, but also because of its design and location. Only appraisers familiar with the Medical Office market should appraise these facilities, as there will be subtle differences which will affect value not seen by the untrained eye.

Our company is ready, willing and able to appraise any Medical Office anywhere in the United States. We have a large network of professional appraisers who understand Medical Offices and whom will deliver a credible appraisal.


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