The term Motel was coined and assigned to motor lodge properties in the mid-twentieth century when the automobile came into its own as a means of transportation for overnight trips. Previously, lodging had been mostly relegated to hotels within cities or in places where public transportation was available. While the term Motel is used less today, we have many properties that qualify as Motels due to their easy access by automobile and close by free parking. Twenty first century marketing may refer to these properties as inns, hotels, or many other names. For the purposes of the service we offer, we will refer to them here simply as Motels. These properties are typically appraised as Going Concerns rather than Fee Simple Real Estate, in much the same way as the Hotel.

Our firm is ready, willing and able to appraise Motels anywhere in the United States. Our professional network of appraisers has experience with all types and sizes of Motel Properties.


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