The term Municipal Building is a broad one which could apply to a vast range of different buildings used in local government. While there are a number of uses which may fall into this category, it is anticipated that the majority of properties labeled as Municipal Buildings are used as office buildings. Municipal Office Buildings vary some from that of typical private office buildings in most cases. They typically are not leased or sold on the open market through arm’s length transactions. The design of Municipal Buildings is often different from that of the design of private buildings. Municipal Buildings may be built of higher quality materials; in some cases including the use of stone and masonry. The interior layout may be different to best accommodate government traffic patterns. The appraisal of Municipal Buildings must be performed with the differences cited above in mind.

ELLIOTT® & Company Appraisers has the capability of performing appraisals for Municipal Buildings anywhere in the United States. We have a network of expert appraisers with local expertise in all markets awaiting your request for service.


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