Processing equipment is typically built-in-place equipment found either within buildings or outside which are part of the real estate. Conditions may vary as there are as many different types of equipment and configurations as one may imagine. While not always, usually one assumes Processing equipment to be large, taking up a significant amount of space. Examples of Processing Equipment are furnaces, kilns, grinders, mixers, etc. The assemblage and construction of Processing Equipment may be on site, offsite and moved to the site for permanent attachment, or a combination of both.


Since Processing Equipment is usually custom built and installed as real property, there is less of a market for it than say, a piece of portable equipment such as a vehicle. The value of Processing Equipment is highest in place, as part of a scheme of land and buildings for a specific commercial or industrial purpose. Processing Equipment may be dissembled and sold as salvage or for scrap.


At ELLIOTT® we are able to advise and direct the client as to the type appraisal it may need and assume the responsibility of performing an appraisal anywhere throughout the country.


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