The term Public covers a large and diversified range of properties which may require evaluation for any number of reasons. Typically the appraisal of Public Buildings presents a different set of challenges than that of private property. One of those challenges is the lack of comparable data. Public buildings are usually sold less frequently than other types of property; therefore, there exist less sales data available to the appraiser of these properties. This however, will not deter the seasoned appraiser who has experience with public buildings. The appraisal profession has developed various and sundry different methods of valuing properties where the market may be different and less fluid. In these cases, the Cost Approach to Value is sometimes favored over the Income Approach or the Sales Comparison Approach. Regardless of the circumstances, there will be an appropriate best appraisal method for a given Public Property and the professional Appraiser will be able to handle the task.

Our company offers service nationwide and has a network of appraisers capable of appraising all types of Public buildings. We offer complimentary pre appraisal consultation upon request.

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