Public School Buildings have been around since the advent of the one room log school house and potbellied stove of Abe Lincoln’s days. Just as most other things, change has occurred in the size, design and use of School Buildings. While this product description is tagged as Public Schools, today we have many other Charter and Private Schools which may be very similar to our Public School Facilities. Charter Schools are arguably Semi-Public Schools, since they are funded entirely or at least in part by tax money. Regardless of the type School, the School Property of today serves a very similar purpose. Therefore, the appraisal of today’s School Facility, whether it be public or private, is very much the same. Today’s Schools are very state of the art, having been planned and adapted for large classes, high tech equipment, higher levels of security and many other functions not even heard of in Abe’s day. For that reason, appraising School Properties requires an appraiser who is familiar with the modern requirements of a School.

The firm of ELLIOTT® & Company Appraisers is well qualified to perform an appraisal for any Public or Private School Property, anywhere in the United States. We have a network of State Certified General Appraisers waiting to serve you in any location.


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