The Strip Mall has become very commonplace throughout the country in recent years. They range in size from the three or four unit small business spaces, up to very large strips with national tenant anchor stores. These stores can be as large as your typical Wal-Mart or Target and as small as the local nail salon or ice cream shop. Following the decline of the enclosed malls, Strip Malls have been one of the most prevalent shopping center models. Since these shopping centers vary so much in size, evaluation methods and appraiser expertise typically required to perform an appraisal also vary. Only the appraiser with an understanding of how these different properties possess value should be trusted to appraise Strip Malls.

Strip Malls are located in virtually every town, large or small, in the United States. Each Strip Mall and its particular location carry with them very unique value characteristics. Our company has the expertise and geographic presence to professionally appraise any such property in the country.

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