One of the more popular agricultural ventures today is that of Vineyards and related wineries.  The type and number of wineries located in the United States today dwarfs those of the past. The per-person consumption of wine continues to increase as the cost of a good quality wine has become very competitive.

The evaluation of Vineyards and related facilities can be a complex task and ELLIOTT’s panel of real property evaluation experts are ready, willing and able to render  professional services anywhere in the country.  Our appraisers understand the nuisances of how market conditions, winery contracts, soil types, property size, location, grape types, vine age, and governmental regulations affect value.

Vineyards are frequently a part of a larger tract of land having a highest and best use other than that of grape production. Some of these properties may include improvements such as residences, commercial buildings, etc. We are equipped to evaluate such mixed use properties as required.


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