Warehousing has recently begun going through a major change. This change is as a result of online sales through companies like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Lowes and other large online retailers. E-orders or online retail order suppliers are the fastest growing users of the Warehouse business. Brick and mortar stores continue to lose business to online stores. As a result many are meeting the competition by doing both. This has caused a major change in the way Warehousing works and is marketed. Omni channeling is a concept implemented by Amazon, whereby an online seller sells through various partner platforms. This concept is also changing online commerce, which further affects Warehousing in today’s real estate market. While there exists much vacant warehouse space, it is not always in the right place or of the right configuration. Therefore some newer Warehouse space is in demand while older space is not. All of this makes for a confusing evaluation process.

At ELLIOTT® we understand the subtleties’ of warehousing in today’s market and stand ready to provide service nationwide.



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