Confirmation of market data is an integral part of performing credible market research. This is particularly true given that there are numerous data sources which do not offer a complete accounting for all of the details of a real estate transaction. These data sources range from verbal hearsay, to more specific details found in multiple listing data and property tax records. This is also often compounded by transactions having unique conditions not normally found in a typical sale. Given these issues, a proper Comparable Sale Verification should include personal contact with one or more people who have firsthand knowledge of a transaction in question. Professional real estate appraisers are experienced with confirming property sale data. Users of comparable sale data may find it beneficial to employ a professional to confirm the sale data on property sales. This can be particularly important in cases where it is critically important that data used is verified, such as in a court proceeding.


Our firm offers Comparable Sale Verification services throughout the country. Please call us to learn how we may help with your particular needs.


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