Receiving a condemnation notice can be a dreaded thought. This is particularly the case where only a portion of a property is taken and the damage to a property owner’s property is in question. While condemnation is generally thought of as having to do with government street and highway construction, other condemning authorities can condemn property for other purposes. Utility companies are a prime example. In most jurisdictions, utilities have condemnation powers in much the same way as the government. Real Property Condemnation Counseling is probably not the answer to stop or prohibit a condemnation action, as this is seldom the case. It is entirely possible that the amount of compensation received by a property owner can be affected by having a thorough understanding of the process, as well as the options available.


ELLIOTT® & Company Appraisers is available to offer Real Property Condemnation Counseling anywhere in the United States. Property owners experiencing problems with condemnation action should give us a call to discuss how we can help.


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