Understanding the condemnation process and dealing with issues of fair compensation for damages incurred can be complex tasks. Condemnation cases fall into one of two categories. The first is the taking of 100 percent of a parcel of property. This is called a complete taking. The second is the taking of less than 100 percent of a parcel of property, which is referred to as a partial taking. Complete takings, while not attractive to most landholders, are easier to deal with in many ways. While the property owner loses the property, dealing with the remainder is not an issue. In partial takings, the property owner not only must deal with using the property in its diminished state, he or she must deal with determining the amount of damage and receiving just compensation. This is usually much more complicated than in a complete taking. Resolving a condemnation case that is fair to the property owner can often be a daunting process. Selecting an experienced and competent professional to assist in the complexities of a condemnation action is necessary to ensure that the case is handled fairly and equitably.


Our firm offers condemnation services across the entire nation. We would appreciate a call to discuss your condemnation problem and how we may help. We work directly with property owners as well as with legal counsel.


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