Conservation Easement Appraisals were mostly unheard of two or three generations ago. It was not until recently that tax laws favored the granting of Conservation Easements, causing the creation of many such easements throughout the country. Once the Conservation Easement is in place, all evaluations of a property affected by it going forward must be performed giving consideration to the reduced bundle of rights it caused. Not all Conservation Easements are created the same or contain the same provisions. Therefore, each Conservation Easement Appraisal must be performed giving consideration to the specific terms within the Easement Legal Instrument. Given the above, when selecting a Conservation Easement Appraiser, consideration should be given to the experience of the appraiser with such appraisals.


At ELLIOTT®, we understand Conservation Easements and the appraisal of property affected by them. We also offer no obligation consultation when called upon.


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