Events which reduce the value of a property sometimes necessitate an appraisal measuring this reduction. Examples of situations typically requiring a Diminution in Value (DIV) Appraisal are condemnation actions and title claims. A DIV Appraisal is a complex appraisal which typically consists of three values. These values are listed within the scope of work of most appraisals as Unimpaired Value, Impaired Value and Diminished Value. Diminution in Value Appraisals, are a specialized form of appraisal that must be performed by an appraiser with the knowledge and experience necessary to produce a credible value conclusion. Most appraisers will not have the experience and skill level to perform a DIV.


ELLIOTT® & Company Appraisers has performed hundreds of DIV appraisals all over the country. We are prepared to offer DIV service throughout the United States. Contact us for a preliminary consultation concerning your DIV Appraisal needs.


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