Now, more than at any time in the past, there is a major concern for the environment and damages experienced by it. Much, if not most of the time, this damage is to real estate. Aside from air pollution, practically all environmental damage affects real estate. Environmental Damage to real estate may be in the form of contaminated buildings, contaminated soil, contaminated streams, underground water, etc. Appraising contaminated properties is a special field beyond the capability of most appraisers. Much of the damage involves cleanup cost, but there are many other property related value issues to be considered such as the stigma of Environmental Damage. Contrary to popular opinion, many Environmentally Damaged properties have been repaired and are in use today. Outside that of health issues, the users of contaminated properties are concerned most about the utility of the property. The experienced Environmental Damage Appraiser will be able to sort out the effects of damages to a particular property and how it impinges upon the value of the property.


At ELLIOTT®, we understand Environmental Damage to real estate and offer appraisals in all counties in all states nationwide. Please call for a free consultation.


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