Many if not most Estates hold real estate as a significant part of their assets. There are a number of reasons that the Administrator or Executor of an estate may require an Estate Settlement Evaluation of such assets. In some cases, a retrospective evaluation may be required of real estate being held in or transferred from an estate. This retrospective date is usually the date of death. This may be especially important if the property is transferred to an heir at some date distant to the date of death of the benefactor. Evaluations may also be required if real estate is to be distributed to heirs, where allocations must be made based upon the value of the real property. Whatever the reason, when an Estate Settlement Evaluation or Appraisal is required, an appraiser possessing a thorough understanding of the estate settlement process should be selected.


At ELLIOTT®, we understand Estates. We appraise properties nationally and are ready to discuss what we can do to help you solve your Estate Settlement Evaluation needs. Please give us a call.


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