Estate Planning is usually something that many people postpone unnecessarily. This is generally due to not knowing exactly what to do or how to distribute family assets when a death occurs. This can be particularly challenging when real property is involved. Real property is not as liquid as other assets such as bank savings or common stocks. Therefore, having a well thought out plan for the distribution of real estate can be critical. Issues such as whether real estate should be sold or passed down as is, or in its present form, must be decided. Questions such as “Do I want my children to be partners in a real estate inheritance?”, or “Should I place my property in a trust?” typically arise. Experienced professionals can help address these questions and make moving forward with the Estate Planning process easier.


ELLIOTT® & Company Appraisers can not only appraise properties that may be included in an estate, we can also offer real estate advice concerning Estate Planning. Please contact one of our Client Service Specialist to discuss how we can help.


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