Vendors providing services in connection with real estate offer a wide variety of products and services outside the traditional appraisal. Many of these services come under the umbrella of Evaluations. The term Evaluation is broad and can involve many different services, ranging from a brief inspection to a more in depth study resulting in a detailed report. One of the primary Evaluations offered by ELLIOTT® is our signature product, EvaluePro. EvaluePro is a web based Restricted Appraisal Report, formatted to save time and money for the client. It is prepared by a State Certified Appraiser and meets all of the requirements of the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). Lenders and others requiring collateral evaluations designed to meet the federal regulatory requirements use EvaluePro as a very efficient means of accomplishing due diligence where real estate is involved. The development of EvaluePro is steeped in a combination of decades of appraisal experience and the best technology available in the financial industry.


ELLIOTT® offers EvaluePro services nationwide. We serve all counties in all fifty of the United States. Contact us for a no obligation consultation concerning how EvaluePro can reduce your cost and turn times by as much as 50%.


EvaluePro Restricted Appraisals
EvaluePro Commercial Sample
EvaluePro Residential Sample



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