Having the correct amount of casualty insurance covering a given property can save property owners large amounts of money each year. It is estimated that 80% of all property owners are either over insured or under insured. In cases where a property is over insured, claimants are only able to collect insurance for the actual cash value of the damage, meaning that all premiums paid for insurance over and above the property value is wasted. When property is under insured, the premiums are lower than they would be for the actual value; however, when a loss is experienced it is possible that the insurance proceeds will fall substantially short of the actual loss. Insurance Coverage Consultation services can help a property owner avoid losses resulting from over or under insured properties. This can be especially important where property owners have large property holdings.


At ELLIOTT®, we offer Insurance Coverage Consultation throughout the United States. Please call for a no-obligation conference on how we may help you save money on insurance coverage.


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