Attorneys trying cases involving real estate frequently have needs that serve to support their efforts in resolving legal claims. These needs will vary with the nature of the case and the approach the attorney takes in its resolution. Typically one of the first needs an attorney will have in a real estate case is that of an appraisal. It is important that the appraisal firm selected possess the resources to follow-up with other interrelated services. It is not uncommon for the appraiser to be called upon as an Expert Witness to provide a deposition or court appearance in support of his or her appraisal. Not all appraisers are skilled in such services. There are cases where the attorney will also call upon his Litigation Support team for a Consulting Expert. The Consulting Expert will be expected to offer advice and recommendations concerning how the case might be handled or to review appraisals submitted by opposing appraisers. The term Litigation Support covers a full complement or umbrella of related support services that may be of interest or required by the attorney managing a case.


ELLIOTT® offers the entire umbrella of Litigation Support services typically needed by council in settling a case. Please contact one of our Client Service Representatives to learn more about how we may be able to assist you with your Litigation Support service need.


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