NarraPro Commercial Appraisal

NarraPro Appraisals are a USPAP Compliant alternative to conventional narrative commercial appraisal reports or commercial real estate valuation providing all of the substance and data, with a quicker turn time and less cost. NarraPro was born out of a need for a formatted appraisal solution for commercial real estate that gives you all of the facts without the filler or fluff.


NarraPro still requires the same inspection, research, and analysis as narrative appraisals, but slashes the time consuming process of creative writing that a typical commercial narrative report requires. NarraPro is prepared on our web based platform, and allows the appraiser to focus on the most critical aspect of obtaining a credible result, the analysis.


By using NarraPro, most lenders, mortgage professionals, and banks cut their cost and delivery schedule by as much as 50% over conventional commercial appraisals. NarraPro is perfect for any standard commercial, industrial, agricultural, or multifamily residential property.


NarraPro is delivered in pdf format and works perfectly for any new loan transaction, special assets, collateral review, or asset management. Understand that there is nothing restricted about NarraPro. It’s the perfect solution for all of your commercial valuation needs. And appraisers love it.

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