It is not unusual to find errors in the reporting of the details of a real estate transaction, whether it be through verbal gossip or errors in data contained in real property data bases. It is seldom that the details of a real estate sale obtained from a multiple listing or property tax source are found to be accurate and complete. Given this shortcoming, the users of property sale data will find it necessary to perform a Property Sale Verification prior to using such data. Some professional real estate appraisers perform Property Sale Verifications as a service to their clients. This service should not only be viewed as a confirmation of the sale, but also as an educated and unbiased professional review of the transaction designed to uncover details not typically found in a cursory review.


ELLIOTT® offers Property Sale Verification services everywhere in the United States. We are available to discuss a particular transaction with you and develop a proposal to address your needs. Give us a call to learn more.


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