Real estate marketing is a field that is very dependent upon consumer taste. Much of the decision to engage in purchasing or using services connected to real estate can be based upon emotion. This is not to say that real estate and related marketing is not rooted in basic human needs or the economics of everyday life. The decision to rent an apartment, shop at a store or purchase a particular style of home is a combination of utility and emotion. As an example, the style of architecture and the cost are both very important to a purchaser. Some people do not even know why they make purchasing decisions. For this reason, a Sensitivity Analysis Study exploring people’s reactions to particular architectural designs, landscapes and décor can be very valuable to those planning real estate projects. Those real estate professionals with experience and talents relating to design and appeal of properties should be selected to perform Sensitivity Analysis Studies.


Our firm has the expertise and the ability to perform Sensitivity Analysis Studies nationwide. Call us to learn how we may be able to assist you in the design and décor of your next real estate project.


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