Real estate values change with fluctuations in the economy and with circumstances unique to a particular property. While most local property tax departments use Market Value as their standard for valuing property, they use mass appraisal techniques which very often vary from the actual Market Values of many of the properties which they appraise. Seldom do assessors actually perform thorough inspections of all of the properties which they evaluate. All of these issues can contribute to erroneous property tax values used to compute property taxes. Property owners in some cases are paying substantially more than their share in property taxes due to faulty appraisals. When property tax values are higher than Market Value property owners may find it to their advantage to employ a representative to represent them to obtain relief from unwarranted property tax burdens.


ELLIOTT® & Company Appraisers is available to assist property owners anywhere in the United States in filing a Property Tax Appeal. Please contact us to learn what we can do to assist you.


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