Local property tax commissioners are confronted with a major challenge in placing a Market Value on the many thousands of properties within their jurisdiction. They use a mass appraisal technique which is a rather broad brush approach to evaluating the properties in their property tax database. This works well and is fairly accurate for most properties; however, there are many properties that suffer from the lack of an accurate property tax evaluation. All property tax departments make allowances for appeals when property tax values are considered in excess of Market Value by the property owner. The property owner, or his or her representative, is usually allowed to go to a meeting and plead their case before a local board where disagreements exist. Appearing before such a group is futile unless the property owner is armed with evidence to support his position. Prior to appearing before such a group, a Property Value Analysis should be performed by a professional appraiser. If it is determined that a mistake has been made, an appraisal should be developed reflecting the true Market Value of the property. This appraisal should be taken before the board as evidence of the property’s accurate Market Value.


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