Personal Property Appraisals

The evaluation of Personal Property must be approached differently than that of real estate. While it is all property, one of the major differences in the evaluation of Personal Property as opposed to real estate is that of the portability of Personal Property. Since real property cannot be moved, this factor can be and is, an important consideration in the appraisal of real estate. With Personal Property, given its portability, this factor affects how a property is marketed, which in turn affects its value. One of the first considerations given by the Personal Property appraiser is in what market it will be sold. Sellers want to sell their property in the market which will give them the highest return on their property. This may be a retail store, farmers market, antique auction house, etc. The best Personal Property appraiser will first determine the market for a property, then determine how much the property will bring in that market. Due to market complexities, Personal property can best be appraised by the most experienced Personal property appraisers.

At our firm, we handle the appraisal of Personal property anywhere in the country. To learn more about what we can do for you, please contact us for a complimentary consultation.


Antiques appraisal involves the valuing of items with collectible value that are many years old and will consider factors such as provenance tracking and historic records to verify an ownership chain.

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Fine Art

Fine art appraisal and appraising fine art is a complex and highly specialized field of valuation utilizing expertise and detective work which authenticates the artist of each piece.

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Furnishings appraisal or the valuing of furnishings is often involved in the settlement of an estate and can be accomplished piece by piece or as a bulk appraisal on an entire collection.

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