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Appraisers who know Elliott and Company’s Pro Products love them. The easy to use web based interface takes the time consuming task of creative writing off your plate, and allows you to focus on the appraisal problem and analysis. Your initial inspection, research and analysis are done the same as you always have, but the actual writing of the report is considerably easier.

Banks and lending clients love Pro Products because it provides them with a USPAP compliant formatted report that provides all of the details and data that are important, without having to read through pages of endless fluff about irrelevant demographics, future growth, potential influx, etc.

NarraPro allows you to complete income approach, cost approach, and sales comparison approach methods within the report in minutes. Think of it as a hybrid between a full narrative appraisal and a form report. Most appraisers will utilize the two most appropriate approaches to value.

EvaluePro is a restricted report format that is being utilized by many lenders for their in house valuations collateral evaluation appraisals.

RevuPro is the premier appraisal review product in the market place right now. It has been adopted by many banks that are looking for a uniform formatted and complaint appraisal review product.

Shorter Turn Times

Because Pro Products cut down on the time spent in the reporting phase of the appraisal process and eliminate most of the fluff and filler in conventional reports, the delivery schedule can be shortened considerably.

Lower Cost

Because appraisers can spend less time producing the actual report, the cost of Pro Products when compared to conventional appraisals is typically less.

USPAP Compliant

All of our Pro Products are designed to be USPAP Compliant, while delivering industry leading relevant analysis.

Sample Reports

EvaluePro Sample Report

EvaluePro restricted appraisal can also be used for evaluation of real estate for asset management, in house loans, special assets properties or any property with a $250K or less threshold.

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NarraPro Sample Report

NarraPro Appraisals are a USPAP Compliant alternative to conventional narrative commercial appraisal reports and commercial real estate valuation providing all of the substance and data, with a quicker delivery and less cost.

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RevuPro Brochure and Sample Report

Appraisal review or RevuPro appraisal review is a neccesity in the regulatory environemnt of todays financial world. A review appraiser will review each report to ensure that they meet USPAP and provide a credible and unbiased opinion of value, fully supported by data.

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