BusinessPro Plus

BusinessPro Plus gives you complete control of the valuation & appraisal process, access to proprietary USPAP compliant forms and appraisal software, and a national vendor database and appraiser directory. Many banks and lending institutions today face challenges in managing the appraisal process in our current regulatory environment.

One of the challenges many lenders face is having standardized appraisal software or forms to use for their appraisals. BusinessPro Plus gives you access to our proprietary suite of Pro Products like EvaluePro for in house valuations or restricted use appraisals, NarraPro Commercial Appraisals, and RevuPro – for USPAP compliant appraisal reviews. These products are being used by many banks already, and are designed to meet all interagency guidelines.

Another challenge that all lenders face is finding competent appraisers in areas where their collateral real estate is located. The number of appraisers in general, and especially certified general or commercial appraisers, has dropped drastically over the last 10 years. Dodd Frank, and an increase in requirements to earn an appraiser’s license, has had a major impact on the appraiser population. So, in many rural areas, competent appraisers are slim to none. BusinessPro Plus gives you access to our Nationwide Vendor Database, which has been built and vetted over the last 30 years, to find just the right appraiser that will have geographic competency.

Lastly, and to some most importantly, imagine having an AMC platform, or appraisal software, if you will that gives you online access, 24/7 no matter where you are. A platform that is designed to give you tiered permissions for loan officer access, processor access, bank manager access, even client access. A platform that will allow you to track every appraisal, outstanding report, invoices from appraisers, place notes in the order, etc. BusinessPro Plus gives you one location to manage all vendors, reports, and the entire appraisal process. You can even use it to upload other relevant files for each client or property. All without incurring the costs of an AMC.

Give us a call and we’ll set you up to try the system absolutely free.

Shorter Turn Times

Because Pro Products cut down on the time spent in the reporting phase of the appraisal process and eliminate most of the fluff and filler in conventional reports, the delivery schedule can be shortened considerably.

Lower Cost

Because appraisers can spend less time producing the actual report, the cost of Pro Products when compared to conventional appraisals is typically less.

USPAP Compliant

All of our Pro Products are designed to be USPAP Compliant, while delivering industry leading relevant analysis.